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Hi and welcome to this special dedicated page helping you to become a sought after, successful and money earning songwriter using the tool you love best … your guitar.

You will find 5 top tips on this page together with supporting short videos to help you with each tip … and remember that I am available on the phone [private line direct to my studio desk] by Email [I reply to all emails within 10 hours or 24 hours if I am on tour] or Skype free Internet Video Phone for all members of my Serious Writers Guild.  My team are waiting.

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“Have a thought/line/riff in mind”

Sit down to write only when you have a line come into you head …. and/or a thought for the structure and complete content and mood of the song. The line and thought should prompt you to be inspired when you put your hands on the guitar ….

Then play around with whatever comes under your fingers … gently encourage your fingers to come up with riffs … riffs are the gold dust of commercial songwriting … they make a song so commercial and memorable. Any music producer knows that is how to be successful.

Yes, songwriting success in the music industry is gained by writing commercial, sellable songs that will earn money with music.



“Never write from scratch with the band UNLESS……”

Songwriting can be thought of as a band activity … but BEWARE!

Writing from scratch with a band will inevitably end up with ‘Same old, same old’ as the band will naturally lapse into familiar patterns, styles, sounds …. best look at Tip One … the best songwriting advice is to always arrive to the band with a new line, riff, thought.

And don’t ever think that great, commercial songs that earn money are written on ten minutes … watch this video…



“Best to not have completely finished lyrics before you start”

A good, successful producer will always want a situation where he can tweek, improve, put a gloss on lyrics and melody.

This is how he/she learned to be a great producer … by encouraging commercial writing and playing. Always leave him/her with something to do and never be ‘precious’ about her wanting to change your beloved creation, it could lead you to a recording and/or pubishing deal when you send music to record labels.



“Write with a drum loop”

Almost all sequencing software has many on board loops and riffs that can hugely improve your guitar songwriting.

By starting the writing process [after the initial line, thought, riff] with a ‘today’ drum loop your song will suddenly have a totally commercial, chart feel which will vastly improve your guitar songwriting technique.

Getting a record deal, publishing deal is much easier with a song that sounds like Number Three this week in the chart? Yes?.


“Spend three months honing the finished song”

A lot of songwriters feel that the great classic songs were all written in ten minutes. Yes the idea, riff, thought came in ten minutes but the real trick to getting a record deal, publishing deal is to spend the time in honing, polishing, glossing the track to make it commercial, chart worthy and sellable. That is the way to earn money in music is lesson one in songwriting basics.


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