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Dear Music Friend, you want to make money with your music?

So you fancy yourself as a money making Song Writer, a Mega Star, or possessed with Incredible Music Writing Talent? Maybe you want to produce or compose? If so, this might be the most important Web Page on the music business and making money in the music industry you have ever read.

How many times have you been told by friends, family, loved ones that you should be in the Charts? Every time you or anyone else sings your stuff everyone says: “You should be in the charts making money with your music instead of that rubbish I hear on the radio”

Well, why aren’t you?

I’ll tell you why… and this may sound a little cruel ….

Because you don’t have the first idea how to make money with your music, that’s why! [I’m so nasty!  grin!]  Oh, you might convince yourself that you know all about it (or at least your pal Charlie knows). BUT DO YOU REALLY KNOW?  How to make money from music?

Trust me, you haven’t a clue.  But here’s the GOOD NEWS:

I DO! And I will help you …  that’s a promise.  And I DO keep my promises.  Get a record deal? A publishing deal?

And I know it all. (Now – there’s a title for a song) That’s not just bullsh*t confidence … it’s the truth.

I have something exciting to tell you.

Who am I?

My name is Dec Cluskey. You probably know me, or your parents will know me… your grandparents even [grin!] … ask them?????  Respected hit recorder of loads of ’60’s’ and ’70’s’ songs in the UK, USA, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, in fact, the World, with my band ‘The Bachelors’, with gold million sellers like: ‘Diane’, ‘I Believe’, ‘Charmaine’, ‘Ramona’ … so many I can hardly remember myself. How much money did I make with my music?  [grin!]

The Best Seller this month has been  57 Secrets of a Hit Record, and is being made available as a favor to friends of Dec Cluskey.

Special this month: the amazing book and evaluation system that can change your hit making career


I have a reputation for giving free tips in songwriting, music production, promotion.  I just love helping.

“Cheers Dec, thank you !

You are The Best!!”

James Citkovic
Countdown Entertainment

“I just fucking love you man”…. MRA TWEDDLE

“This is really helpful Dec, many thanks for this” ….. Steve Tempo.

They say we were the original Boy Band who paved the way for U2, Westlife, Coldplay, Muse etc.etc.

Outsold ‘The Beatles’ in 1964 and 1965 … TRUE. We were the first band out of Ireland to ever have an International Number One. My records have sold tens of millions and recently Artistes I have mentored and advised have stunning success. We had two in the Top Five at the same time … that is a special club?

Just released our 76th [yes, seventy sixth] album.

Perhaps you have heard my songs or seen me on television. Nowadays, I am also a respected producer, advisor, and have been Trustee of the most prestigious Show Biz Charity Organisation in the world for 20 years [The Grand Order of Water Rats].

That’s all I’ll tell you about me, now over to YOU…

I receive hundreds of demos, CD’s, phone calls, links, emails and letters from writers, musicians, band members, singers, from all over the world. All are desperate to make lots of money from their music. And what’s more…

These People All Want E X A C T L Y The Same Thing!

Yep, that’s right. Hundreds of different people from all over the country and the world, totally unconnected with each other, all having EXACTLY the same desires! To make money from their music. Uncanny isn’t it?

And yet I’ll be prepared to make a little wager that you have the same desires too.

Let me tell you what all music makers (and I mean ALL) want:

  • Loads and loads of money – plus a lifetime stream of income. You can always give it away, if the idea offends you.
  • A legal, practical and ethical way of making this money from their
  • A music career which they could run part-time (evenings and weekends)
    until they proved that it worked, and then move into it full-time.
  • A music career which they could run regardless of their age, sex, religion or race.
  • And last but not least, a music ‘money making machine’ which is FUN as
    well as being HIGHLY LUCRATIVE with little or no investment.

Sounds pretty good eh? What’s that? You wouldn’t mind a slice of this action yourself? You see … I was right all along…

STOP PRESS:- Phil scores gold!
‘Serious Writers Guild’ member, Phil Webster, Emailed:

Hello Dec,

Having been listening to you for the last 8 years and following your expert advice, I wanted to share with you the news that Tora Woloshin from Tucson Arizona is to release my song “You Stopped The World” on Valentine’s Day… Tora has been touring with B.O.B and the Timbaland – set up in California and has released 9 singles so far.

I would like to thank you for your help, time, patience and understanding during our friendship and, I would like to say to all the songwriters and artists out there, ”Never quit, always believe, never doubt and you’ll achieve” 

Thanks again Dec, you are a true pal and mentor.

Phil Webster

O.K., so all these people call me and ask if I know how they can be successful.  Get a record deal, publishing, get signed.   And I answer with a letter saying: “Yes, I DO know as it happens!”

Talking to all these people on the phone could be a bit of a chore, I don’t mind telling you. Want to know how a busy guy like me manages to deal with a hundred people a week?

Simple………let me tell you this easy trick…..

How do I answer so many Emails
and phone calls in one day?


Because people ask me the same question over and over again, I have a number of standard emails, phone spiels and letters on my computer, which I reel-out to suit the occasion. And guess which letter and Email gets reeled-out so often it’s starting to wear a groove in my hard disc? You’ve guessed it. The letter which tells these people exactly how to fulfill ALL of their desires, AND THEN SOME.

Dec shows how to make money with your music

I help Music Folk Realize their Dreams

I’m serious … just click on the link: info@makehits.com to contact me direct.  I will reply within 10 hours [unless I am on tour … then 24 hours]

Alternatively you can call the office (UK 01323.728005) or speak with me personally – whoops I nearly gave you my personal number….but that is reserved for Members of ‘The Serious Writers Guild’…YOU get it when you join…then I will talk to you directly to answer all your queries, all your worries and problems – and give you all the help you need for mega music and songwriting success, deals, contracts..


How do you join The Serious Writers Guild?

The Serious Writers Guild shows how to make money with your music


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Simple ………………….

Just purchase the Award winning ten month distance learning course [updated every year] ‘How To Make A $Million From Your Music’ … then membership is automatic and for life … with all the benefits and services … plus FREE complete access to me, Dec, to my phone on my studio desk .. plus Email, Letter and even SKYPE.  A whole team waiting to help?


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