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Dear Music Friend, you want to make money with your music?

How many times have you been told by friends, family, loved ones that you should be in the Charts? Every time you or anyone else sings your stuff everyone says: “You should be in the charts making money with your music instead of that rubbish I hear on the radio”
Well, why aren’t you?


My name is Dec Cluskey. You probably know me, or your parents will know me… your grandparents even [grin!] … ask them?????  Respected hit recorder of loads of ’60’s’ and ’70’s’ songs in the UK, USA, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, in fact, the World, with my band ‘The Bachelors’, with gold million sellers like: ‘Diane’, ‘I Believe’, ‘Charmaine’, ‘Ramona’ … so many I can hardly remember myself. 
I have a reputation for giving free tips in songwriting, music production, promotion.  I just love helping.

“Cheers Dec, thank you !

You are The Best!!”

James Citkovic
Countdown Entertainment

“I just fucking love you man”…. MRA TWEDDLE

“This is really helpful Dec, many thanks for this” ….. Steve Tempo.

STOP PRESS:- Phil scores gold!
‘Serious Writers Guild’ member, Phil Webster, Emailed:

Hello Dec,

Having been listening to you for the last 8 years and following your expert advice, I wanted to share with you the news that Tora Woloshin from Tucson Arizona is to release my song “You Stopped The World” on Valentine’s Day… Tora has been touring with B.O.B and the Timbaland – set up in California and has released 9 singles so far.

I would like to thank you for your help, time, patience and understanding during our friendship and, I would like to say to all the songwriters and artists out there, ”Never quit, always believe, never doubt and you’ll achieve” 

Thanks again Dec, you are a true pal and mentor.

Phil Webster

I help Music Folk Realize their Dreams

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