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" Dec Cluskey was honoured as one the the top ten most influential people of the past forty years in the Music Industry by Marshall Amplification. He was presented with a gold plated Marshall Amp covered in white Connolly leather by Jaguar Cars " - Could he help your music



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Englebert and songwriting go together

 Englebert helps Dec accept our new Sunshine Coach for the kids.

"Dec is now the Patron of 'The Lark In The Park' Charitable Trust who look after Eastbourne's Special Needs children. If you can help, get in touch with Dec. We always need help.





































































































stand out from the crowd, be successful in music with help from Dec

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 About Dec Cluskey

Make Hits

A simple search on any search engine will reveal a guy who has spent a life long career making Hits, performing world-wide, helping many charities and helping members of his 'Serious Writers Guild' repeat his own success.

Born in Dublin, Ireland his band The Bachelors were the first Irish band to ever have a Number followed by U2, Boyzone, Westlife.  His famous answer to Louis Walshe when they had dinner together in a Chinese restaurant after recording a St Patrick's Day show for Yorkshire TV is now the stuff of legends:

Louis: "Dec, what would you think of the chances for a band modelled on your band The Bachelors, clean cut, beautifully dressed, the sort you would bring home to your mother.  singing mainly covers in a 'today' way?"

Dec:  "Go for it is a brilliant idea, Dennis Ingleby did exactly the same thing, modelling Eternal on has to work!"

For a more accurate 'life story' go to 

It is interesting to compare the track record of The Beatles and The Bachelors.  Differing styles but equally popular to the UK public in the 60's.

Bachelors outsold the Beatles in '64 and '65.  Had ten in the Top ten to the Beatles five and were present in the chart for 77 weeks against The Beatles 55.

"So how come they ended up with all the fame?"  asks Dec.

"But then two are no longer with maybe we are lucky!"

 songwriting was learned at an early age  Early pics, show Dec encouraging other young musicians.

  One of the first UK bands to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show in the USA       successful songwriting tips early in career></font></p>
                            <p><font face=

 song writing tips were always around  Right from the start involved in charitable causes..Here at The Royal Variety Show


 Again, below, right from the start involved in writing and producing.  Here using a theatre dressing room as a makeshift studio for a live recording.     


The Bachelors along with Decca Sound Engineers squeezed into one of the dressing rooms at Scarboroughs Futurist Theatre, plus the '4 track' recording desk brought up from London!  width=

Pope helped by songwriter making music 
Getting The Pope out of trouble was Dec's famous moment...when the sound system failed in front of 250,000 it was Dec who saved the day.  His band's singing of 'I Believe' as the Pope descended in his white helicopter was an incredible moment.

Pope speaks but songwriter helping

Charitable causes take up Dec's time, here helping Queen Elizabeth songwriting and songwriters help and tips

stadium songwriting and music making Millwall

Sound checking at Millwall Football Stadium


songwriting gets Rats recognition

                             A fellow Water Rat, Prince Philip regularly dines with Dec.


John Major joins songwriting team Jamming with the then Prime Minister of the UK, John Major?


  Yet another album, the 61st.           songwriting team at Festival Hall     


songwriting and songwriters join on 'The Gathering'  With Brian May, Rick Wakeman, Midge Ure, John Lodge [Moody Blues], Gordon Giltrap, Mike Batt for a special benefit album.


songwriting team at Queen Elizabeth Hall

The Christmas concert 2003 with the 200 voices

 of the Treorchy Male Voice Choir - Royal Festival Hall, London

Opera House for songwriting and song writing team

The 3,000 seat Opera House 2004 for a Season

packed St. Davids Hall with songwriters and songwriting team

A phone camera shot of 4,500 at St David's Hall, Cardiff....2004

Charles meets songwriter and learns songwriting

Prince Charles invited Dec for tea at his private apartment

Makehits and songwriting picture

2005 ... swingin' is the latest trend?

So now you know who founded and personally oversees 'The Serious Writer's Guild.  Do you think you could learn from such experience?

Dec Cluskey, started his career with his UK based band: 'The Bachelors'. One of the tiny few to have two records in the TOP FIVE at the same time. He has made £Millions from music writing, performing, recording and production - would you let him show you how?

songwriting is better with Charity Variety Club  Presenting a Sunshine Coach

Dec's advice?  Always hang your hat on a great charitable cause.

Here he presents a Variety club Sunshine coach to underprivileged kids.

Onwards to 2008/2009

Speaking, songwriting, song writing best with Toastmasters International  Dec in full flow.

Awarded ACS award and DL award by Toastmaster's International

Top awards in Public Speaking ... you should join Toastmasters:   Find a location near you?

songwriting only gets better with a record given to Pope Benedict XVI

What an honour?

Our record presented to Pope Benedict XVI [what an honour] 

Our good friend in Italy and International lawyer of enormous reputation Giovanni Di Stefano [Google him ... you will not believe what he gets up to] asked if he could present 'I Believe' ... one of our band's hits to Pope Benedict XV1.... This was a 2008 version which we are really proud of .... We honestly thought, with Giovanni’s clout, he was meeting him in a local pub. [don’t laugh] 


King Rat!

As a mark of his standing in British show-business Dec has been honoured by being chosen as a King Rat and Trustee of the World’s foremost and most prestigious and exclusive show-business charity, The Grand Order of Water Rats. Members include well known and much loved entertainers - to name only a very few: Brian May, Rick Wakeman, Mike Batt, John Lodge and Michael Crawford. Bruce Forsyth, Jimmy Tarbuck, Frank Carson, Barry Cryer, Roy Hudd, the incredible Amplifier man Jim Marshall, Joe Pasquale. The Order includes Companion Rats like:- their Royal Highnesses Prince Charles, Prince Philip and Prince Michael of Kent.

Laurel and Hardy were proud to be Rats, Bob Hope, Charlie Chaplin, Tommy Cooper...legends like Maurice Chevalier, Matt Monro, Danny Kaye.....Wow!

Dec only plays with the best! - Here he is with Brian May of 'Queen'. Dec and Brian May
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