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From: Dec Cluskey and the Makehits Team   


Re: 57 Secrets Of A Hit Record                                                  Dec

Dear Friend,

"You have a strong, hit potential track ready to go.  What if someone discovered the secrets of a hit record, told you them so you know that you have a dead cert.?"

Well, that is exactly what I have done ... researched, investigated, tested, probed and studied every aspect of what makes a Hit! 

In a matter of days, reading this awe inspiring book and then using the simple, automatic CDrom analysis program you can see the total points for your latest toon - an automatic percentage readout of your Hit chances and a clear written indication of where you are going right ... and maybe a little bit wrong.

Are you the most frustrated music maker in the world!  Do you have the desire, the enthusiasm, the fire in your belly, but not the ability?  Do you find you are turned down time after time by Record companies, Production companies, Publishing companies?  I know a guy who spends more on sending Jiffy bags to companies than he gives his wife housekeeping each week!  Does he have any success?  What do you think?

It took 40 years of researching, but my hard work paid off!  I eventually and slowly discovered the 57 Secrets of a Hit Record.  I'll reveal them one by one to you in this amazing, mind blowing book and CD..... Oh, by the way, I didn't mention the CD?

Once I had found the complete 57 secrets, examined each in detail, proved that they worked, then I set about finding PROOF from guys who had actually made $Millions by using these Secrets.  Took me a while to find them ... but I did.   

It then took me 4 years to write the definitive descriptions of the 57 Secrets.

Then the time it took to refine, hone and polish the Secrets....then the warnings, the examples, the ways to apply the secrets.....and of course, as any of you who have read any of my other works will know, the true stories ... the fun stories along the way.

Do you have a music "life story?" It might be a little like this:

  • Perhaps you've struggled with a limited knowledge of music, having to accept the results of your efforts and not be exactly ecstatic about them? 

  • Because of this limitation, you sometimes make up toons that are not exactly the Hit Material you think they should be?

  • You've tried your best to write Hit lyrics just like Don Black, Diane Warren, Cathy Dennis, Gaga, Katy Perry but they always seem to be too deep, too lumpy [whoops I nearly gave away one of the secrets then] and too strained?

  • You have persisted and injured your pride, your self esteem, your excitement...you have gotten almost despondent.....

  • You've visited a local 'open mic.' night and been absorbed into their "don't get sucked into that commercial cr*p" way of thinking [Oh please!  Never listen to those guys!]

  • And now you may be dissatisfied with your chosen career [music] and think you may as well be a bus driver [do they really get the money that the job is advertised at?]

Through my lengthy research, I found that the Secrets were almost slapping me in the face.  You see, I was lucky, I started my career in Ireland....which is very USA orientated as regards music and Hit taste.  So, forgive me for saying this, if you are from the UK, I was streets ahead in my commercial thinking ... even before I came to the UK.

I also was in a situation that I had to put food on the table from my music...once I journeyed to the UK and burned the bridges behind me ....  that was a heck of a brave thing to do.  I left a comfortable, assured, mega career as a Civil Engineer to seek my musical fortune in London ... no Social Security, no Welfare ... and NO MONEY!

So I started to learn the 57 Secrets very quickly ... and they were cemented in my brain even more quickly.  I didn't sleep on the Railway Station benches for very long.  Hey, I can still show you the best spots to sleep!

So how did I learn these secrets?

My name is Dec Cluskey and you may or may not know that I outsold The Beatles with my band The Bachelors [ www.thebachelors.co.uk ] in 1964 and 1965.  We were in the chart for 77 weeks in 1964 against The Beatles 55 ... some achievement?  Yes, I was learning the Secrets fast.

I had two in the top five at the same time...that is a unique club.

Working with the top USA producers and the top UK session guys ... plus UK producers of astonishing importance, I accumulated secret after secret.  Secrets from Dusty Springfield through to Tom Jones, Englebert ... The Stones, right up to Oasis, through Led Zeppelin ... and onwards to Coldplay, Beyonce, Joss Stone, Emminem, Lady Gaga, Brad Paisley .... the secrets came thick and fast.

In my current role as mentor and advisor on some tasty projects ... plus my involvement on a day to day basis with my 'Serious Writers Guild' [ www.makehits.com] , a bunch of successful songwriters and music makers in 43 countries world wide ... I see these Secrets work with a vengeance.

Three good reasons why you should grab this fast:

Reason #1:  I have heard, through my years, the biggest load of trollop talked about the writing and making of hit records.  The fact of the matter is that it is EASY!  But finding out how is mighty hard...in fact, impossible.  Unless you happen to meet a guy like me. 

I always say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to stumble on the way to write and make a Hit Record just strolling on the beach.

But so many guys think that is how it happens.  No...No....No.... IMPOSSIBLE!

I have seen many guys spend $fortunes on sessions and on demo making and reproduction, marketing.  But they don't understand that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the results unless you know how to write and make the Hit in the first place.

They all feel that the Industry is against them .... No, No, No!

The Industry NEEDS Potential Hit Records ... and sadly it is impossible to make them unless you know how...unless you know the Secrets!

Reason #2:  I became a star pupil of every, and I do mean EVERY producer, engineer, musician, singer that I ever met and worked with .. and I met, and worked with, them all.

Think of sitting beside Jimmy Page as he played on one of my Hits?  Playing with Brian May? I have sung with so many legends that you would feel I was simply showing off if I named them.

"It's not boasting if you can back it up"

Mohammad Ali

Think of being produced by Shel Talmy, Artie Harris, Art Sneider, Colin Frechtor, Ivor Raymond, Michael Barclay, Dick Rowe, Andrew Logue Oldham, Tony Hatch, Norman Newell, Mike Hurst - and that is only scratching the surface.

Then the TV shows?  The radio shows?  The films?

Think of being managed by the top guys: Philip and Dorothy Solomon...total legends.

Reason #3:  In the past 10 years, word has gotten out about my 'Serious Writers Guild' and the results music guys are getting from listening to what I have to say.  Now the Industry knows that whatever Dec says is 98% right.  I say 98% because there is always some joker who will go out of his way to prove some slight thing I advise is not 100% true all the time.  Say about lyrics, for instance?

But these 57 Secrets I use all the time...now producing my band's 77th album.

Advising some very heavy duty Hip hop guys [Davali] who are flavour of the month in Hip Hop production.

Roger O'Donnell from 'The cure' readily accepts my advice.  Alvaro, in South America, scored his first Number One using my methods.  One of our members even has series on National Radio 4 ... unbelievable.

  "It knocked me out! Dec, you are the real deal.
I love the way you've thought through all of this.
What a privilege it is to be learning from you.”
Stillman Thomas [writer … for Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Sun Microsystems]
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I predict that my '57 Secrets' will be the "secret weapon" used by some of the winners of the world’s most prestigious awards, including the American Awards, Smash Hits, the CMA Awards, and yes, the Grammies.

Over the years I've taught my students these best-kept secrets, but now they are all available, for the first time, in one affordable package.  It's been the most fulfilling work I've ever done.  You will get the results YOU want.

But not everyone can afford the price it will eventually go on sale for.  So to you, my chosen friend, I am making a silly price ... what could it be?

Let's say £1 [one GB pound] for each secret...is that silly enough?

£57 to make a $Million a year career .. the math. doesn't add up surely?

By the way £57, in the UK is approx. $100 in USA dollars... or EU83 in Euros.

After the initial promotion to my friends and members the price will go to the correct price of £157.

 "57 Secrets of a Hit Record"®

What is it?

The 260 page book explains in great detail the 57 Secrets of a 'today' Hit Record, with examples, warnings, advice and methods of application.  Also, as a BONUS, you get the Audio CD with some of the biggest writers and music artists confirming how the Secrets worked for them.  PLUS the Analysis CDrom...an interactive program that actually lets you gauge the Hit Potential of your latest track.

Maybe you want to simply use the Analysis CDrom as a fun way of checking the secrets of your favourite hits?  It is a serious tool, but you can have fun as well.

In '57 Secrets' I show you:

  • The one mistake every songwriter makes in lyrics...easily rectifiable and makes for some red faces when the mistake is pointed out.  The one secret that will increase the percentage chance of a Hit mightily.
  • How even practiced music guys can easily slip into silly mistakes in mixing...the 'Secrets' gives the Industry Standard, sure fire, absolutely definite way to mix a Hit track.
  • The one trick that is sure to get you a Number One.  But you would never stumble across it in a million years.
  • My secret of all secrets - will kick your percentage chance of a Hit sky high.... laughable in it's simplicity, but impossible if you don't know how. [or why?]
  • The reason why some toons simply fill dance floors -  even if they are slow, lush ballads.  wouldn't you like to know that secret?

This amazing package can be with you as quick as a blink - of course, the extra, extra bonus is that you get total access to me by my private phone on my studio desk or by Email, fax or by Skype [Internet free phone] and by Festoon [Internet Video free phone]. 

Book cover image

It's the complete 57 Secrets of a Hit Record, step-by-step. 

I dread to think how much it has cost to put this 40 years of research and 4 years of writing, honing and polishing together.


Right now, you'll pay only £57 ... $100 .... or EU 83

  "Hi Dec , some good news regarding my girlfriend Erin's songs, 3 are being used on a new American TV show. Anyway thanks again for your invaluable support, knowing your there makes this leap into the publishing world feel a lot safer" ... Roger O'Donnell [The Cure]
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You can't lose with my total lifetime guarantee - money returned promptly and courteously - no questions asked. 

I'll give you a lifetime to try this amazing package. 

If it doesn't give you the increase in your percentage chance of success that you want, send it back and I'll refund your full purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! 

RememberYou'll get all the benefits, and I'll take all the risk

Don't decide based on just reading about it.  Get the "57 Secrets of a Hit Record" package now, use it and see what everyone's talking about.  If it doesn't give you the results you want...Send it back for a full, no questions asked refund.

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