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" Dec Cluskey was honoured as one the the top ten most influential people of the past forty years in the Music Industry by Marshall Amplification. He was presented with a gold plated Marshall Amp covered in white Connolly leather by Jaguar Cars " - Could he help your music



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Just a quick note to congratulate our 'Serious Writers Guild' Member, Alvaro Rabaquino for hitting the Number ONE spot on the chart in Uruguay, South America and staying there for THREE weeks! Still there.

The band: BungEe
The toon: 'Suerte En Pila'
The Member: Alvaro Rabaquino
Written, Recorded and Produced by Alvaro. 









































































































































































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"Be Successful In Your Music"


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"Alternative means of financial support
while pursuing a career in music"

Are you an unsigned band looking for songwriting knowledge, song writing information, songwriting tips, songwriting resources? Do you want to make a Hit Record or maybe some good demos? Maybe you are in Indi Music or just writing lyrics. This is the page for information on marketing music, music industry, music making, music making sites, music record sites, music record deals, music making software.

There is also info on A & R, on how to make millions from music, recording studios, record contracts, record making. Dec Cluskey will give you his personal choice of links to The Bachelors, serious performers guild, serious writers guild. If you have the talent he will show you about how to write a hit song, write a hit tune, write a number one.

"So You're skint?"

"You Are Crazy about Music, 

But Can't Make Money Yet?"

Sadly, in music the money doesn't roll in right from the have to learn, study, then practice your art, wait for the royalties....just like any other profession, there is that awful time when you just have the 'willpower'...and the money is guessed it - 'I've been there!'.  I slept on the railway station benches.  Have you?

Dec promised to give his opinions on the top ten ways of making dosh [and probably a lot of it] to support you while you are learning your craft, studying the methods, making the demos?


#1 Method:  

'Live Performing'

You will not believe this, but the easiest way of making money is simply an extension of what you are doing now.

And when you read how it will help your eventual attempt at the big that music writing, recording, library music, theme music, computer background stuff, ringtones, you will be shocked at how this can make serious dosh and also help your career....big time!

Click on

Or straight to the secure purchase page:

COST: 175 or as little as 112 [$177] Click here for fast application.

PROJECTED EARNINGS: Think of what Englebert has earned...Tom Jones? How about Black Eyed Peas?  Beyonce?  Neil Diamond [who only wanted to write, not perform?] Mick Jagger...and then Coldplay, Greenday? What will they earn?

Career Prospects: A long career is normal...and then retire [only if you want to] in luxury.

Heard enough? Want to get going now? Click here for fast application. Credit card hotline: UK 01323.728005 [+44.1323.728005]

Want to hear more?  Click here for an in-depth analysis.


Could you enjoy doing this?


#2 Method

The Internet Deal Broker Business

The 'Instant Internet Income DVD', on the surface I bet you think that this looks like a typical 'Get Rich Quick Scheme'?

Well think again!

The difference in looking at this collection of 'money making while you learn your music craft' ideas is that I KNOW the guys who are offering these deals.  And I know that they have made a ton of money doing exactly the same thing...think about 'performing' much have I made?  Tom Jones?  Britney Spears?  The Stones?

Just like performing, Jim Sheridan has made $fortunes from The Internet Deal Broker Business....literally working a couple of hours a day...check it out.  I personally guarantee these ideas.

Click on

Or straight to the secure purchase page: 


COST: 77 [yes - I couldn't believe that] with a bunch of extra give aways. Click here for fast application.

PROJECTED EARNINGS: Literally as much as you like...depends on whether you work 2 hours a week or 16 hours a day!

Career Prospects: An easy 'automatic' career that leaves plenty of time for your first love: 'music'.

How Difficult Once you look at the DVD and understand the logics involved it is pig simply follow the methods....even if you don't understand computers or Internet.

Heard enough? Want to get going now? Click here for fast application. Credit card hotline: UK 01323.728005 [+44.1323.728005]

Want to hear more?  Click here for an in-depth analysis.

  Even with a lap-top... on tour?

#3 Method

Network Marketing?

I can only say what I have seen and experienced with my own eyes.  Everyone can tell a story of being burned by a 'get rich quick scheme'.  That is why I steer everyone, who will listen, away from them.  They simply don't exist.

But I can tell you about the best Network Marketing opportunity there is.


As an example, my Sandy started her business 'The Health Factory' in 1989, as a Herbalife distributor, and has a thriving, genuine, business today.  Her customers are loyal and know the quality of the products.  This is not a door to door salesman outfit !!!!!
I simply accompanied her along the way and had my eyes opened ... big time!  I went along for the ride...and was glad I did.
I had great telephone calls from Mark Hughes, the founder .... met unbelievable people and had fascinating experiences while learning a huge amount about marketing [which I advise everyone in the Music Industry to do].  It literally changed my life.
Having dinner with Jim Rohn [yep, he is with Herbalife] was one of the highlights of my life.  The greatest speaker in the world...paid $2Mill by Mobil to give a seminar. 
MLM [Multi Level Marketing] has been around a long time....many companies start up each year and 99% of them fail.  'Herbalife' has been around for 25 years and grows and is the biggest health company in the World today.  Turning over $2 Billion.  I have used the products every day for 16 years...and the results certainly show.  I recommend them to all Members who are serious about success.  [success in music is 80% visual, 20% music]
Making the money is important but meeting the people involved and experiencing the real 'success' is an amazing experience ... it is important in Show Business to mix with the right people...and they are the right people.  When they have a 'bash', it is a real Show Biz bash ... Elton John this year .... Earth, Wind and Fire involved, Julio .... this is not a two bit, fly by night organisation.
"It's hard to soar with the eagles when you hang out with the turkeys."
If you have had bad experience with MLM in the past, I would think you were hanging out with the Turkeys.
As with any business, it depends on what you put in.  Put nothing in, you get nothing out ... put some hard work in and the results are frightening.  I know, because I have seen them first hand.  And the best bit is, they hold your hand all along the way....terrific support.

If you are serious, simply call 01323.728005 [+44.1323.728005]... Sandy is the expert.

Click on to find out about this Company.

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COST: 74.64 [yes - I couldn't believe that either] with a bunch of products to try, DVD, manual and all the support. Click here for fast application.

PROJECTED EARNINGS: The sky is the limit.  Few believe the earnings of the hard workers ... work hard ...earn $fortunes in fact $Millions.  I know a top session drummer who runs his business while playing sessions in studios [Peter Boita]! That's Peter in the picture.    Peter and Anne Boita



Many join the Company and make money the first day...true!  Gary Skillman was a roadie with 'The Who' and did just that.  He was penniless, so he had to.

Career Prospects: Runs beautifully alongside a career in music as so many have proved.

How Difficult Easy, you take the sample products contained in the Distributor pack supplied, the change in you is almost immediate....your friends notice and demand what is making the difference...they want the's as easy as that.  Support and training is 'the best'.  Most of all, it's 'fun'.

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#4 Method

Qualified Sound Engineer

The beauty of The Audio Masterclass Sound Engineering Course is that it isn't a course you ever have to go to a classroom to take. It is offered through something called Distance Learning. It is fantastic that you can end up with a City and Guilds 1820 Pt.3 accreditation.

If you have never heard of 'distance learning', it is like a correspondence course....and many great writers and artists have got their success from them...think of 'How To Make A $Million From Your Music'...same thing.

You take the whole course on the internet. 

You can see the curriculum at and you take all the lessons on a schedule. It doesn't take years and years like you thought. In fact, the course just takes 24 weeks and then you will have both the knowledge and the certification you need to get your foot in the door for the good opportunities. 

But when I logged on to, the course sold itself to me. I am like you - because the first thing that I thought when I was introduced to the site was - SCAM. 

Well right away, when you log on to that thought vanishes because Audio Masterclass is a solid and reputable organization that has been around since 1986. 

I remember thinking "The course is probably some flimsy e-book with no content and a lot of advertising fluff with no real content that just tries to sell rubbish to me with every "lesson". 

Boy, that attitude got slapped right out of my head when I saw the curriculum on their web site. 

You can see the entire course outline right there at

Everything I feel that a good sound engineer should know is covered. From learning how to customize your sound recording for various genres of music like jazz, classical, hip hop and rock to getting state-of-the-art instruction in the finest equipment in the industry including synthesizers, sampling, Midi and Sequencers, nothing was missing. 

Studying the course will mean that you are going to be busy for a minimum 24 Weeks taking The Audio Masterclass Sound Engineering Course. But it sure would be worth the effort to come out with such a well-grounded education. And best of all, you don't have to stop working or even let the course affect your personal life because you can work the lessons around other things and do them on your time and at times when you are at your best.

This course can only help your quest for success in music

My concerns about it being like a correspondence course with no contact was blasted away because Audio Masterclass is on top of the learning process and available continuously for questions 
and assistance by email [just like the Members of my Serious Writers Guild]. The materials they include in the study are the best and you can see the entire bibliography right there too at

Every question you have and I had is handled beautifully at their site with a FAQ section that is dead on with the concerns any of us would have with an online course. Once you put aside your 
prejudice about internet study and see that this not only is a respectable, demanding and accredited educational experience but that in fact, it is PERFECT for the music making lifestyle of a busy professional like you are. 

I can offer this with full confidence because if you look at the bottom of the home page for there is even a two week try before you buy test period for the entire course. 

Now, that pretty much closes the deal for me. At worst you get 
two weeks of sound engineer education for free.

P.S. You have to wonder when you stumble across a real 
internet find like this why everybody in the industry isn't using The Audio Masterclass Sound Engineering Course. Well, sometimes it pays to have a pro like me give you these insider tips that can jump start your career. 

Check it out for yourself now at

P.P.S. That's one reason I wanted to pass along this info to you today, personally, so we all can benefit from this kind of quality education. Maybe one day I will be working on stage and you will be the concert sound engineer? At the next huge concert and then we can laugh about how much fun it was to go through the The Audio Masterclass Sound Engineering Course? 

P.P.P.S. I know how much guys can spend doing a three year College course in sound technology and usually come out with little or no knowledge...the cost can be $thousands ... and extremely time consuming ... here is a 24 week course, you study at your own pace for price of a small piece of music equipment ... and you end up with a City and Guilds 1820 Pt.3 accreditation.

Get started now, here

COST: 277 GBP ($497 USD)

Take the two-week free trial, then pay only the course fee of 277 ($497) to continue. Pay your examination fees only when you are ready to take the exam.

PROJECTED EARNINGS: Skilled sound engineers are always in high demand [my band can never find one when needed!].  Of course, it is almost essential to have engineering skills if you are serious in the music game.

Career Prospects: Again - sound engineering runs beautifully alongside a career in music as so many have proved

How Difficult If you like study and learning then this is a doddle and an enjoyable experience.  Of course the fact that it will really help your quest for music success makes this a double whammy.

Heard enough? Want to get going now?


#5 Method

Your own eBay business!

I constantly give tips on how to make money from the Internet while working on your music - here is the latest:

Make $22,000+ a DAY with your own eBay business just like you read in the news!

Discover the system a self-made eBay millionaire uses to make $8 MILLION a year! You'll...

>> Learn which products are "hot sellers," and guarantee yourself the BIGGEST profits!

>> Find in-demand products that you can buy for cheap and resell for massive profits!

>> Attract tons of bids and make HUGE profits on every single auction you list!

>> Techniques for driving 1,000s of qualified bidders to YOUR auction listings!

>> Create stunning auction listings that will grab the eyeballs of eager bidders!

Click here to review the system!

You can see Ebay success stories in the newspapers almost every day. 

Click here to review the system!

How many times have you bought on Ebay?  Now turn it round ... sell on Ebay!

Get started now, here 

Check out the system here!

COST: $197 USD)

You'll receive the entire 'eBay Millionaire' System, including $827.97 worth of FREE bonuses! And remember... If you don't at least DOUBLE your investment within 90 days, return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked!

PROJECTED EARNINGS: Unlimited - as we all know!

Career Prospects: This business can sit beside your music career beautifully ... work one hour a day or ten hours a day .... depends on how greedy you are ... but you have to learn how.

How Difficult If you like have ever visited ebay you will know how simple the system is ... but most people are amateurs at making money there... by learning the professional know-how you can earn serious dosh.

Be aware that without the knowledge you can get burnt!

Heard enough? Want to get going now? 

Check out the system here!

Join The Serious Writers Guild and you can be a Member NOW!

Simply by purchasing "How To Make A $Million From Your Music"

Bonus if you join today, 

The secrets of mastering Hit music

I will send you a brilliant extra book that will amaze you: "So You're Thinking of Mastering" ..... the book that tells the secrets of making your demo sound like a finished, shop bought, chart CD.

you simply cannot lose money on this deal

You can't lose by signing up for THE SERIOUS WRITERS GUILD - at the very worst you just get your money back AND you get to keep all the valuable course materials I've given you. In fact, it's completely RISK FREE - with all the materials I'm going to give you, you can ONLY benefit in your music career.

Heard enough, want to apply now?

order 'How To Make A $Million'?

"as secure as when you buy in your local shop"



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